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Super Z Lite : Zeolite Capsules with MSM - 120 capsules

Super Z Lite : Zeolite Capsules with MSM - 120 capsules

Super-Z-Lite Zeolite Capsules with Plant-Derived MSM (1360mg/capsule) are Super-Charged, Activated, Micronized and Carbon-Bonded. In addition to high quality, micronized zeolite and plant-derived MSM, these zeolite capsules contain ocean-derived ionic trace minerals. Super Z Lite is an all natural, vegan, dietary supplement. The benefits of zeolite may include the support and maintenance of a healthy immune system, increased circulation, increased oxygen levels, pH balance, increased energy levels, and most importantly thechelation (detoxification) of heavy metals.

Our supercharging process activates and transforms the natural volcanic silicate zeolite mineral into a highly bio-available and potent complex. This is achieved with the infusion of MSM and ocean-derived ionic trace minerals. Our research reveals that the effectiveness of all of our minerals is enhanced, balanced and diversified in their effects due to our supercharging process.

After this mineral complex incubates and bonds together, we can use this supercharged mineral complex to extract our zeolite without the use of solvents and chemicals which would normally be required under natural conditions.

Super-Z-Lite Zeolite Capsules makes use of this supercharged mineral complex. This highly balanced supercharged formula creates a strong synergy and produces the conditions which allow the minerals to reach optimum maximum benefits and to enable better and more effective mineral absorption.

Zeolite Source
Unlike most other zeolite supplements, we control a single, proprietary zeolite source. This guarantees that each bottle contains a consistent, homogeneous, high-quality zeolite product. Other supplement manufacturers obtain zeolite from multiple sources, which can create varying levels in product quality from one batch to the next. This exclusive zeolite source insures the same superior product quality in every bottle–for years to come.

Zeolite Concentration/Volume 
Even at a particle size of less than .5 micron, the zeolite in Super-Z-Lite™ Liquid is noticeably evident to the naked eye because of the abundant quantity of zeolite contained in every bottle. Super-Z-Lite™ Liquid contains over 100,000 parts per million of zeolite, far surpassing the concentration levels of any other liquid zeolite on the market. This higher concentration is easily noticeable and dramatically apparent in a visual comparison of Super-Z-Lite™ Liquid with any other liquid zeolite supplement. Most other liquid zeolite products are either substantially clear in color (indicative of much lower levels of zeolite) or brownish in color (indicative of non-zeolite ingredients, such as elevated levels of humic or fulvic acid). Comparatively, Super-Z-Lite™ Liquid's dense green color is indicative of its high concentration of natural zeolite, rather than other additives. Also, a textural comparison of Super-Z-Lite™ to other zeolite liquids will reveal an obvious dissimilarity in consistency, attributable to the lower zeolite concentrations of other products. While Super-Z-Lite™ features a rich, earthy texture that indicates its abundant volume of zeolite, most other liquid zeolites have a more watery consistency and thus pale in comparison.

Super-Z-Lite Zeolite Capsules Contains:

Ocean-Derived Ionic Trace Minerals
High in magnesium and calcium minerals
No binders or synthetics
Made up of the highest concentration of zeolite
High mineral delivery, high mineral content
No excipients or fillers, such as magnesium stearate, calcium stearate or aluminum oxide.

Super-Z-Lite Zeolite Capsules Benefits:*

Cleanses intestines of: heavy metals, acids, viral particles, free radicals
Increase energy in the body
Restores minerals to the digestive tract while removing toxic waste
Natural energy boost
Noticed reduction in the effects of aging
Increased circulation Restful sleep
Renewed interest in sexual feelings
Growth of hair, nails and skin
Reduced arthritic pain Less Anxiety
More nutrients through blood serum aiding nutrient transportation and absorption.
Digestion, assimilation and elimination
Re-hydration of body fluids and cells
No preservatives

Unlike the liquid form these capsules do not get absorbed immediately. They spend more time in the intestines where they have ample time for a more complete chelation from heavy metals, toxins and more.

It is recommended to take Super-Z-Lite in both the liquid and capsule form. This will ensure full saturation of zeolite.

1. Is this just a natural volcanic zeolite capsule?

No! Super-Z-Lite Capsule is much more than zeolite

2. Are there any counter indications?

We know of no counter indications, but we recommend to start with only one capsule a day. However, as with all dietary supplements, you should always consult with a medical professional.

3. Can we take the Liquid Super-Z-Lite while also consuming the Super-Z-Lite capsules?

Of course, we recommend that Super-Z-Lite capsules and the liquid extract be taken concurrently (the liquid, 10 drops 4 times a day and the capsules 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening on an empty stomach) unless otherwise prescribed by your physician. The liquid begins its action immediately, while the capsules are not utilized until they reach the intestines. By using this collaborative approach, these products have opportunity to maximize their ability to chelate heavy metals and toxins out of the body.

4. Can Super-Z-Lite Liquid Extract cause constipation?

No! When Super-Z-Lite Liquid Extract is taken concurrently with Super-Z-Lite capsules, they may help regulate bowl movement.

5. Is this considered a mineral supplement?

Yes. Besides being a great chelator the Super-Z-Lite Capsules are also a great source of plant, ocean and volcanic minerals.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement for adults, start with 3 capsule a day with plenty of water. You can gradually increase up to 5-7 capsules a day within seven days. For optimum results disperse the intake of the capsules throughout the day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Donna G. Goodman
    From what I have read, its important to take the zeolite powder. I have tried some zeolite powders and have found them hard to mix with water or juice. These capsules are just more convenient and they have MSM which I have read a lot of good stuff about. Its quick, easy and truly effective. It helps with my allergies immediately after taking a capsule. TY!
  • Author: Kyle
    easier than taking the powder...

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