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Natural Cellular Zeolite Powder : Micronized - 1lb

Natural Cellular Zeolite Powder : Micronized - 1lb

Zeolite Powder that we carry is the highest quality, micronized, activated, natural, and cellular clinoptilolite on the market. Used by some MDs and felt by some researchers to be at least as powerful as the liquid when used in therapeutic quantities. It detoxifies and alkalinizes the whole body. Studies show that this form of zeolite may activate the P21 enzyme in cancerous cells, and has potent anti-viral properties.

Zeolite is one of natures only negatively charged particles it is able to directly interact with the damaged cells and magnetically attract other floating debris. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic are extremely toxic to the body, and unfortunately are found everywhere in our society. Liquid zeolites are a very unique, complex structure that have a “honeycomb” shape. All these channels and cavities act as cages; trapping all these toxins inside of itself and then are eliminated from the body.

What we can say is that zeolite has a chelation-like effect in removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other positively charged toxins from the system. Zeolites negatively charged crystalline structure is what makes this possible. Its crystals act as “cages,” inside of which are positive ions. These positive ions switch places with positively charged toxins in the body, tightly bind them, and excrete them completely.

One of the benefits of binding toxins in this manner is that they are 100 percent excreted. Heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides all leave the system; they do not get deposited elsewhere in the body. Forty percent of zeolite binds heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract, and 60 percent binds toxins in the bloodstream and at the cellular level.

Zeolites binding power was proven during the Chernobyl disaster, when tons of it were used to remove radioactive cesium and strontium-90 before they contaminated local water systems. Acting primarily as a chelator, zeolite trapped these radioactive minerals within its crystalline cage structure.

Zeolite appears to remove toxins from the body in a hierarchical order. It first acts strongly to remove lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. This first phase may take one to four weeks or longer. Zeolite then removes second-priority toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, and plastics. Zeolite appears to increase the rate of glucuronization in the liver, activating phase II of the glucuronidase function. This in turn removes pesticides, herbicides, and xeno-estrogens from the body, releasing them through the urine. Interestingly, it also appears to neutralize the aflatoxin poison.

A third function of zeolite is to trap pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses and their ability to make us sick. In this way, zeolite may play an important role as a broad-spectrum anti-viral. Viruses are produced in parts as on a production line, at the end of which the virus is fully constructed. Zeolite absorbs viral parts into the pores of the mirconized zeolite aggregates (not into the chelating-like cages described above). This explains why zeolite seems to block the development of many viral infections, including herpes virus 1, coxsachie virus B-5, ecco-virus 7, and adeno virus 5. Forty anecdotal cases of herpes zoster have reportedly been cured, with sufferers becoming pain-free in one to three days after beginning to take zeolite. Anecdotal testimony also reports that it is effective in alleviating or curing the flu, colds, hepatitis C, viral or heavy-metal induced multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Zeolite’s effect as an anti-viral appears to be a preventative function that builds up over time, beginning after approximately four to six weeks of use, when heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides have been mostly eliminated. There is anecdotal evidence, however, that in some cases its anti-viral effect seems to be immediate.

Zeolite also is a unique antioxidant. A traditional antioxidant works by absorbing excess free radicals into its system because it has an unpaired electron. In contrast, zeolite traps free radicals in its complex structure, inactivating and eliminating them. In this way, it acts as a complement to traditional antioxidants.

In addition, zeolite buffers the system towards slight alkalinity by establishing pH levels of 7.35 to 7.45, which is the optimum pH for the human body. The body’s pH level influences both immunity and brain function. An acid blood pH (7.34 or lower) creates a precondition for cancer. In an acid environment, brain cell function can also be impaired, causing depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, or even psychosis.

Zeolite also appears to balance the immune system , either up- or down-regulating it as needed. Although the precise mechanism for this is not entirely understood, this function is clearly very important in a world in which most people's immune systems are seriously compromised.

Because zeolite so powerfully removes various types of toxins from the body, it naturally increases energy and well-being. Users report improvements in mental clarity and a sense of peace, wellness, and happiness. These are what we term positive secondary effects. For example, clearing out heavy metals allows the body's magnesium stores to work efficiently with adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the biological source of energy in the body. When this interaction is occurring optimally, people have more energy and experience greater well-being. One study has demonstrated that zeolite also appears to increase serotonin level, which is known to help alleviate some forms of depression.

Extraordinary health benefits of Zeolite Powder may be:

• Absorbs free radicals*

• Activates P21 gene which is appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals.*

• Powerful antioxidant, improves the immune system*

• Helps balance the bodies' pH (acidity levels)*

• Remove heavy metals and toxins (mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, viruses, etc.*

• Provides a sense of mental clarity, improvement in general sense of well being*

• Non-toxic and 100% natural*

• On the FDA's GRAS list (generally recognized as safe)


This 454 gram container supplies 2 heaping teaspoons (14 grams) a day for a month.

Use as needed. For normal supplementation one scoop a day is taken. 

For more serious supplementation, double to 2 scoops a day. More can be used if desired.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Johnny Dixon
    I have bought other zeolite powders and they have all been disgusting. This one oddly tastes good and it really works. I order a bunch of them every month and give them to everyone in my family.

    Thanks for the great product.
  • Author: Katia
    Best tasting zeolite powder and I have really bought them all before. Great price too.
  • Author: silverhaux
    I came to your site looking for micronized zeolite powder. However I have found that you are just about out of stock of everything.

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