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GI Pro - 180 capsules (640mg)

GI Pro - 180 capsules (640mg)

Current medical research indicates that our gut lining takes much of its nutrition locally, directly from the foods in transit through it, rather than through its blood supply. This is consistent with results reported when supplementing peptide rich hydroysed fish protein to the diets of people with leaky gut, inflammatory bowel and other GI tract challenges. In this regard, peptides (short amino acid chains) have proven most useful with best results obtained when using smaller peptides (less than 10,000 daltons molecular weight).

GIPro provides a high concentration of these "instant" peptides in combination with a proprietary, naturally fermented, probiotic and mineral rich mixture of sea vegetables, sprouted cereal grasses, micro-algae and kelp to help re-establish beneficial micro-flora throughout the intestinal tract. The addition of high potency Grape Seed and Milk Thistle extracts augment the potential of GIPro to ease digestive distress and help you reclaim digestive health and overall well-being.

Watch for positive change in overall wellness and energy levels when you add GIPro to your daily diet. For best results, take on an empty stomach, between meals, and/or before bed.


Suggested Use: 6 capsules with water on empty stomach before bed (at least 1 hour after food)


Serving size: 6 Capsules (3,840mg) - Servings per container: 30 (180 vegetarian capsules per bottle)

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (from Atlantic white fish) 2,060 mg (Water Soluble, Undenatured, Average Molecular Weight 3,000 Daltons, Protein/Peptide Content 94% +)

Proprietary Blend: 1,780 mg - 10-Green Probiotic Culture (All Organic and Naturally Fermented): Kelp, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Oat Grass, Yam, Agave, Chlorella and Dunaliella Salina. Microporous Silica from fossilized freshwater plankton, Organic Milk Thistle 80%, Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanidins; 65% OPCs), NutraFlora (SCFOS), Aulterra (Trace Minerals), Organic Hawthorne Berry, Leaf and Stem, Organic Turmeric

Homeopathic Blend: THE 12 BIOCHEMIC CELL TISSUE SALTS (Calcarea fluor, Calcarea phos, Calcarea sulph, Ferrum phos, Kali mur, Kali phos, Kali sulph, Magnesia , Natrum mur, Natrum, Natrum sulph, Silicea.

  • Hydrolysed (Pre-digested) Fish Protein (HFP) is clinically proven to promote intestinal health
  • GIPro's HFP is collagen based and 94% bio-active protein for repairing cells and tissue. (Higher than any product in its category)
  • No rancid fish oils or allergens, and thus no fishy/bad odor (Unlike competitive products)
  • Marine origin naturally chelated trace minerals for energy, stamina and improved intestinal flora
  • Supplies undenatured peptides for neurotransmitter support (Average Molecular Weight 3,000 Daltons)
  • 30% of the GIPro formula is a proprietary probiotic culture of 10 organic sea vegetables and super greens with the world's #1 Pre-biotic, NutraFlora, to encourage rapid growth and reproduction of friendly bacteria. (Nutraflora alone increases probiotic bloom 500% in one month of use)
  • GIPro is a unique, pre-digested, whole food supplement that offers benefits you've never experienced for your digestive system and overall health!
  • Provides therapeutic levels of OPC's from Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanidins) for their synergistic effect on collagen repair
  • Provides therapeutic levels of Silymarin from Organic Milk Thistle 80 for its liver-boosting effects and protective benefits

Predigested collagen (peptide) protein is simply an amazing food supplement that allows the body's repair and renewal systems to work more effectively. Collagen protein is the basic building block of healthy cells and without enough collagen only partial repairs can take place. When too little collagen is available needed repairs are skipped. As we become older even essential repairs have to be neglected. Collagen starvation is the disease we call ageing.

The hydrolysed (enzymatically pre-digested) collagen protein in GIPro is available immediately to the body and offers unique powerful benefits for the intestinal tract and your entire body. Hydrolysed Fish Collagen Protein is backed by a 40-year history of safe clinical use. This collagen and the other ingredients that make up GIPro have been carefully selected to support the rapid repair of damaged intestinal tissue and establish optimum flora balance.

Collagen and Digestive Repair

Current research indicates that the gut lining takes much of its nutrition locally, directly from the foods in transit through the gut – rather than through its blood supply. In this regard it also seems that peptides (short amino acid chains) are the most useful in maintaining gut and overall health. Most of the current peptide research is being done in critical care (with hospital patients) and the outcomes indicate that peptide-based nutrition is far superior to free form amino acid or intact proteins. It appears that peptide nutrition is essential for recovery which is consistent with results reported when using peptide-rich hydroysed fish protein with leaky gut, inflammatory bowel and other GI tract problems.

Some notes about peptides: Amino acids from peptides are more readily absorbed than free-form amino acids, thus producing a greater response in growth and recovery. Humans fed smaller peptides compared to whole-protein foods had a greater increase in amino acid levels. Hydrolysed protein products produce greater pharmacological effects (increasing growth hormone and insulin response). OLIGOPEPTIDES are LARGER PEPTIDES, which are absorbed much SLOWER than small tri- and di-peptides. Supplement companies try to use the word "oligopeptides" to fool the customer. Best results are obtained with smaller peptides (less than 10,000 daltons molecular weight).

GIPro Changes Lives! Doctors have seen extraordinary improvements in patients using Pre-digested Fish Protein. In random, double blind, placebo-controlled, clinical studies performed on patients with Leaky Gut in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the patients were given 3 grams per day. In six weeks, the symptoms disappeared and the bowel was strengthened in every patient by 79%. (1)

In another clinical study, patients diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) were invited to become study participants in a 30/60-day outcome-based clinical study employing questionnaires to evaluate results. The study showed that HFP reduced the symptoms of occasional diarrhea and constipation, and alleviated bloating and gas on a dose of 3 grams per day for sixty days. (2)

Other studies performed at Uruguay's School of Medicine, showed malnourished infants and children received benefits from Pre-digested Fish Protein as well. They were fed 1-2 grams of HFP orally and through tube feeding. In all of the children, their immune systems were significantly strengthened and improved. (3)

A team of physicians and surgeons working with Dr. Victor Bertullo in Montevideo, Uruguay found Pre-digested Fish Protein to be a superior source of protein for a group of malnourished adults between the ages of 30 and 80. After giving the patients HFP, they demonstrated healthy blood profiles and improved skin and muscle tone. (4)

In study after study, Pre-digested Fish Protein has been proven to be extraordinarily effective in providing powerful nutritional support for the intestinal tract, the immune system and energy and resistance levels.

Hydrolysed Collagen and Overall Health

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our bodies (water is the first). Without collagen we'd have no shape, no structure and no strength. If you can, imagine a tree without wood - that's how central collagen is to our bodies. Bones, skin, muscles, tendons, every organ, blood vessel and nerve ALL have this in common – after water, their main component is collagen.

All systems of the body are upgraded when collagen (in peptide–predigested form) becomes available. It signals the body to go into repair mode and supports changes that normal foods and vitamins cannot accomplish. Why is this? Well, the key reason is that at a certain stage (of age or disrepair) the ability to produce peptide building blocks from the protein we eat is lost. Our body loses its ability to make collagen, thus, it starts to break down. We feel less enthusiasm. Our skin sags and wrinkles: hair becomes thinner; our joints are less flexible; our bodies soften and lose tone.

Collagen and Cancer

Many Doctors claim that a high protein diet causes cancer and thus they restrict protein intake. For people with defective digestive systems or enzyme deficiencies, the protein in their diet will cause a gradual mucoprotein build-up in the fluids and tissues of the body. This throws off pH balance, increases toxicity and makes it very difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells. As this continues, the cells become weaker and weaker and create defective new cells can turn into what is called cancer. This is a possible consequence of damaged digestive and inappropriate food intake.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that all cancer patients are essential protein deficient. Eating more (macro) protein simply increases the problem, but supplementing with protein that is readily or pre-digested and assimilated can help turn the situation around. And supplementing with protein peptides that initiate digestive repair and also supply much needed protein can be the best course of action.

When collagen is broken down, it releases factors that promote wound healing and suppress tumor invasiveness. (Pasco, et al., 2003) Glycine itself is one of the factors promoting wound healing and tumor inhibition.

Collagen and Joint Function

Supplementation with predigested collagen may reduce damage to joints and stimulate reduction in joint pain, tenderness and swelling. A Harvard Medical School study on the effects of orally administered collagen for reducing inflammation and relieving pain (Dr C Searling, Fresco CA.) indicated that almost 90% of those taking part had positive results - resulting in a changed lifestyle for many. Oral collagen may help normalize the body's immune system and help neutralize the production of aberrant molecular structures that cause joint stiffness, especially in rheumatoid arthritis.

Collagen naturally consists of 15% glucosamine and 15% chondroitin sulphate - two substances renowned for their beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. These function as a chondro-protective agents and help protect cartilage and synovial fluid against deterioration. Collagen peptides may relieve pain by signaling or triggering the normal repair of ligaments and tendons.

Collagen and Anti-Aging

Hydrolysed fish collagen protein contains no tryptophan or cysteine, and only very small amounts of methionine and histidine. Using HFC as a dietary protein is an easy way to reduce amino acids that are associated with many of the problems of aging.

Both tryptophan and cysteine interfere with thyroid function and mitochondrial energy production, and have other effects that increase our susceptibility to stress damage. Tryptophan is the precursor to serotonin, which in some situations causes inflammation, immunodepression, and generally speeds aging. Through supplemental collagen, injuries produced by an excess of tryptophan and serotonin seems to be reduced. Fibrosis, free radical damage, inflammation, cell death from ATP depletion or calcium overload, mitochondrial damage, diabetes, etc., can be prevented or alleviated by glycine.

HFC promotes a great variety of anti-stress responses. The main amino acids provided are glycine, praline and alanine. Glycine is recognized as an "inhibitory" neurotransmitter, and promotes natural sleep. Used as a supplement, it has helped to promote recovery from strokes and seizures, and to improve learning and memory. It apparently has a quieting, protective antistress action on every cell. Glycine also helps the Liver detoxify stored chemicals and plays a role in speeding recovery from injuries.

Some types of cell damage are prevented almost as well by alanine and proline as by glycine, so the use of HFC or gelatin, rather than glycine, is preferable. HFC is rich in biochemicals including natural steroid hormones, and cartilage origin "Mead acid," which is itself antiinflammatory.

Collagen's other Benefits

  1. Collagen protein contains a unique combination and ration of high-nitrogen amino acids and peptides, most importantly, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. They have been shown to influence:
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Bone and Connective Tissues
  4. Improved Skin Appearance
  5. Optimal Body Growth and Repair
  6. Improved Metabolism
  7. Elevation of Growth Hormone Secretion:
    • Fat Loss
    • Muscle Retention
    • Energy Level
    • Softness and Elasticity of the Skin
    • Improved Sleep
  8. Healing (especially for wounds)

Whole Fish versus Fish Collagen

The manufacturing difference between hydrolyzed fish protein (HFP) and our Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen (HFC) is that in making HFC we use only the fish skin while HFP manufacturers use the entire fish. We're able to wash the skins thoroughly to remove oil, odor, allergens and other miscellaneous materials. Our Collagen protein is entirely water soluble and has low ash (inorganic trace chemicals). The ash content is usually around 0.5%. Further, each batch is tested for mercury levels, and to date test results show undetectable mercury levels (less than 0.02ppm).

Hydrolyzed fish collagen also has bioactive peptides. Laboratory tests[57] in Japan indicate that when hydrolyzed fish collagen is ingested, some of the peptide groups thought to be required to produce cartilage are absorbed by the blood rather than being broken down into individual peptides.

Probiotic Greens

Fermented 10-Greens is a highly potent probiotic mixture of sea vegetables, sprouted cereal grasses, micro-algae and kelp.

The probiotic process that these ingredients go through complements their inherent make up. Their probiotic activity is greatly enhanced to encourage rapid growth and reproduction of friendly bacteria.

  • Sea vegetables and sprouted grasses are high in chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, minerals, and unique digestive enzymes.
  • Micro-algae have significant amounts of lipid, protein, chlorophyll, carotenoid, vitamins, minerals and unique pigments.
  • Kelp is considered the most completely mineralized food.

This 10-Green Probiotic Culture includes Organic Kelp, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Oat Grass, Yam, Agave, Chlorella and Dunaliella Salina. The nutrients within the greens are reduced into a pre-digested state through a proprietary fermentation process. The entire procedure is carried out at low temperatures, thus there is no destruction of the amino acids, enzymes, or bacteria culture vital for the maintenance of health. The natural (dextrorotatory) amino acids resulting from the fermentation process do NOT require further digestion and are immediately assimilated into the body. The 10-greens naturally have a robust mineral content. Fermentation further refines these chelated trace minerals so that all the nutrition is made available including the chlorophyll.

In our bodies, Probotics are considered to play a role in:

  • The formation of well-balanced indigenous microflora.
  • Improving the colonization of the intestinal, respiratory and urogenital tracts.
  • Lowering serum cholesterol.
  • Reducing the levels of intestinal tumors.
  • Non-specific interactions with the immune system.
  • Metabolizing lactose and reducing lactose intolerance
  • Blocking toxins and mycotoxins
  • Fighting pathogenic bacteria and infection
  • Improving the absorption of calcium-rich foods.
  • Improving the synthesis of vitamins and the predigestion of proteins.


NutraFlora is a highly concentrated form of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a naturally occurring carbohydrate found (in much lower concentration levels) in bananas, tomatoes, garlic and barley. When consumed daily, NutraFlora promotes the growth of "friendly bacteria" in the intestinal tract. These bacteria in turn maintain intestinal health, promote regularity and fight off "bad bacteria" such as E. coli, clostridium and salmonella.

The documented benefits of NutraFlora in nutrition include:

  • Improved nitrogen digestion, which may provide optimal tissue building advantages
  • Increased nitrogen retention, which is also supportive of lean body mass
  • Decreased concentrations of harmful and odor producing protein metabolites
  • Decreased metabolic load on kidney
  • Decreased metabolic load on liver
  • Better production and utilization of nutrients
  • Maximum resorption and retention of nutrients, water, and electrolytes

There are more than 200 studies (50 human) to demonstrate its efficacy, including one that shows a 500% increase in beneficial flora in 30 days with use of just 1g/day.

Recover more quickly

Another study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, investigated the benefits of prebiotic fiber supplementation in 30 patients with severe acute pancreatitis. The patients were randomly assigned to receive enteral nutrition with or without prebiotics. The researchers reported that supplementation with prebiotics reduced the length of the hospital stay by about five days, compared to the control group.

Increase nutrient absorption

Derived from sugarbeet and other natural sugars, it is diabetic-safe and supports digestive health, balanced blood sugar, and notably assists in the absorption and utilization of minerals and amino acids. Here's how it works: NutraFlora scFOS passes intact through the stomach and small intestine to the colon where it is completely fermented by beneficial bacteria into short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) - becoming available to the beneficial gut microflora. The production of SCFA lowers intestinal pH to an optimal level for keeping calcium, minerals and amino acids in solution longer, thereby enhancing their absorption by the gut, nourishing and supporting the integrity of this important body organ.

For minerals to make it through to the blood a process called chelation is essential. Chelators are organic molecules that have negatively charges areas that attract the positively charged (ionic) mineral and temporarily tuck the mineral into its larger complex. Thus, with the mineral ion's positive charge now shielded by the large chelator molecule. To the intestinal wall the complex now appears to be neutral or negatively charged and will not be grabbed by the membrane as it passes through to the blood stream.

The body uses natural “acids” or metabolites from breakdown of vitamins (which is also a function of healthy intestinal bacteria) as its in house chelators. For example L-threnoic acid which is a vitamin C metabolite combines with magnesium to form magnesium-L-threonate or with calcium to form calcium magnesium-L-threonate, etc.

When intestinal flora (beneficial bacteria levels) are strong, our natural chelation and absorption of minerals is balanced, so long as our food is mineral rich. When either is weakened, mineral depletion and mineral deficiency can occur.

Positive effects on blood sugar

The blood sugar effects of NutraFlora scFOS have been studied in diabetic, as well as in healthy, populations. In clinical studies, the administration of up to 22.5 g/d of NutraFlora scFOS had no detrimental effect on blood glucose, insulin, triglycerides, free fatty acids, glucagon, or glycohemoglobin of either healthy control or diabetic subjects. Therefore, NutraFlora scFOS is safe for use by diabetics. Interestingly, decreases in fasting blood sugar have been reported from the use of as little as 4g of NutraFlora scFOS per day.

The calories (1.5 per gram) from NutraFlora scFOS do not result from the metabolism of carbohydrate. NutraFlora scFOS survives digestion, becoming available to the beneficial gut microflora. It is there that NutraFlora scFOS is completely used by Bifidobacteria and other beneficial microbes and yields short-chain fatty acids. The calories resulting from NutraFlora scFOS are supplied by these fatty acids, which are absorbed by the gut, nourishing and supporting the integrity of this important body organ, making NutraFlora scFOS appropriate for use in diabetic and controlled carbohydrate applications.

Cancer protective

While the rate of colon cancer in the United States continues to climb (25 deaths per 100,000 population annually, the third-highest form of cancer in the United States), the death rate from colon cancer in Japan is more than one-third lower (16 deaths per 100,000 population annually). Why the difference in colon cancer rates between the populations of these two modern, industrialized nations?

One factor that has been implicated in the lower incidence of colon cancer in Asian populations is the traditional Japanese diet, which is associated with higher densities of bifidobacteria and other bacteria considered to be beneficial.

One study by Buddington et al, (Am J Clin Nutr 1996;63: 709-16), concludes that the enzyme "B-Glucuronidase, which has been implicated in carcinogenesis," is significantly reduced in the colon of persons with NutraFlora-supplemented diets. The study also reports that persons supplementing their diets with NutraFlora show reduced levels of another enzyme, glycocholic acid hydroxylase, which, according to the study, "is involved with metabolism of bile acids and may be linked to the increased risk of cancer associated with high-fat diets."

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