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CandiClear5 - 1.5 lb

CandiClear5 - 1.5 lb

Detoxification, digestive balance, creates an inhospitable environment for parasites and other pathogens

Though originally designed to fight Candida, this product is an outstanding detoxification treatment that is gentle, safe and calming.

With therapeutic levels of ClearEarth™, Microzeolite, Dihydroquercetin, Humic and Fulvic acid in this unique formulation, its chelation range and power is remarkable. In-vitro test results certainly indicate that CandiClear5 works. See below, in a single use, CandiClear5 removed over 80% lead, tin, nickel, mercury, cadmium and copper from solution.

On the digestive front, CandiClear5 offers 5-way support for effective candida control:

  • Ruptures and desiccates yeast blooms
  • Absorbs and removes toxic debris
  • Balances pH levels
  • Provides nutrients that fight candida
  • Nutritionally supports intestinal repair


The main ingredient in CandiClear5 is ClearEarth a freshwater diatomaceous earth that weakens and desiccates any parasites and yeast blooms that it comes in contact with. A well researched and uniform strain of plankton based silica, ClearEarth exhibits unique absorptive and clearing properties. Each serving contains millions of tiny micro porous silica "sieves", each with a hollow center and scores of microscopic pores. This unique porous structure gives ClearEarth the highest absorptive capacity of any of the "clay" family of internal cleaners. Its shape, surface strength, negative electrical charge and strong desiccating properties makes it an effective, all-natural, anti-parasitic, anti yeast, anti-mould and anti-fungal agent.

Food grade diatomaceous earth has been reported in scientific literature to absorb methyl mercury, E-coli, endotoxins, viruses, organophosphate pesticide residues, drug resides, and protein, perhaps even the pro-teinaceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections. ClearEarth has a negative charge and bacteria and many toxins have a positive charge increasing adsorption and making it an outstanding detoxification agent. ClearEarth also acts as a digestive aid and a colon cleanser.

Pictures of ClearEarth (magnified 7,000 times) look like a cylinder full of holes similar in appearance to Rice Chex Cereal. This cylinder has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb positively charged toxins and heavy metals. These are trapped inside the cylinder and passed out of the body. In addition, any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach or the digestive tract are weakened and eliminated. All of these activities result in a healthier body with less sickness.

ClearEarth is hard. On the hardness scale where diamonds are a 9, diatomaceous earth is a 7. This is very important, because as those millions of tiny hard and absorptive cylinders pass through the small and large intestines, they "scrub" the intestinal walls. After only a few months of taking ClearEarth, the intestinal wall is no longer coated with mucus and molds but appears to be well cleaned.

The scientist who first connected us with ClearEarth (Galen Knight PhD considered it the most effective supplement to address nickel toxicity, which he had suffered from for many years. His symptoms included rashes and severe joint and tendon pain, and within months of addition of ClearEarth to his diet he reported pain free function again.

Other users claim benefits to overall well being. "In my 28 years of using FSF (ClearEarth) daily, I have only had one episode of sickness, and that was when I traveled to Minnesota without my supply. At 88, I'm thankful to report I'm still in top shape, and happily still work full time. FSF is one of Natures best kept secrets." W. Thorpe, New Mexico

Microzeolite—Nature's Micro-Vacuum Cleaner

Zeolites are naturally occurring volcanic minerals that have a unique microscopic cage-like structure. Some zeolites (notably "clinoptilolite") have been used as dietary supplements for generations, and hold FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status.

While clinoptilolite has many established health applications its recent popularity stems from its capacity as an all-natural detoxification agent.

The zeolite molecule attracts and absorbs positively charged molecules (including inorganic metals and toxins) like a magnet, trapping the toxins within its cage-like structure allowing the body to safely eliminate them. Our zeolite, because it is carried within a nutrient rich and safe mineral replenishment system and does exactly what it's supposed to do; it takes metals and toxins from the cell in a safe controlled manner.

Unlike pharmaceutical grade chelators, zeolite binds to the free radical (or toxin) in two key ways. These make it powerful, selective and safe. The strength of the bond or binding is based on; 1.The toxin's charge density and 2. The toxin's average molecular size.

These properties give zeolite a natural selectivity series, where it has a higher affinity for certain molecules. This series, known as its reactivity series, is backed up by atomic absorption spectroscopy studies, and runs Sn, Hg, Pb, Cu, Cd, As, Al, Sb, Fe, and Ni. This series gives detoxification with zeolite major advantages over other chelators in that it will not pull out (dietary) minerals, such as calcium and potassium, which have a lower affinity when heavier more toxic particles are in the system.

Further, because of the negatively charged cage structure zeolite can attach to much larger particles such as nitrosamines and smaller viral pieces, neutralizing them and escorting them out of the system.

Another property of the negatively charged cage structures (Zeolite and ClearEarth) is that they act as a shuttle system moving positively charged molecules around the system. In this way, these minerals can have rapid results with "heartburn", for instance, where the zeolite pulls hydrogen ions (H+) away, dropping them further along as it picks up other positively charged particles. These shuttle effects help balance pH issues and have positive consequences in the overall wellness of the entire system.

Most Powerful Zeolite—Highest CEC

Zortho microzeolite is among the purest and most effective powdered zeolite available anywhere as determined by the USGS*. Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC), also known as Nitrogen Exchange Capacity, represents the strength of the zeolite to attract toxins. The higher the CEC the stronger the attraction force and the larger the capacity of the zeolite to deliver positive results. The closer the measured CEC is to the scientific upper limit of 2.2 meq/g, the more pure the zeolite is. Zortho's microzeolite has a CEC of 1.85 to 2.2 meq/g* truly the highest we've found anywhere. (*From USGS Open-File Report 96-991)

Radiation Protection

Zeolites are also renowned for their ability to absorb radioactive particles. In fact, shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 the US government charged the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) department to find the best zeolite mines in the US and Canada. The lead scientist and zeolite expert on this project was so impressed with the quality of the zeolite from our source mine, that he became a partner in the mine when he retired from the USGS.

Get Ammonia Out

Ammonia is a toxin that has no place in a healthy body, in fact thousands of people with liver and kidney disease die every year from too much ammonia in their blood. Yes, the average person can handle low levels, but it adds stress to a hard working immune system, compromises overall health and slows recovery.

Most ammonia in the body forms when protein is broken down by unfriendly bacteria in the intestines. It is also produced by parasites, yeasts and molds. These organisms produce ammonia both as a waste product but also as a mechanism to keep their host (your intestines) in an unhealthy state.

A healthy liver converts ammonia into urea, which is then eliminated in urine. A key benefit of dietary zeolite is its ability to directly remove ammonia, which means less stress on your liver and kidneys—a bonus for your wellness. Of course, reduced ammonia levels are also a bonus for healthy digestion, pathogens and parasites are weakened and beneficial bacteria can recolonize.

This is another reason to add dietary zeolite especially important if the liver is not working properly. Ammonia that remains unprocessed and can enter the bloodstream and invade the central nervous system, causing many dangerous symptoms. Even the brain can be affected. In advanced cases of liver disease, for example, a mild mental aberration may progress to coma and, ultimately, death. Increased levels of ammonia in the blood are characteristic of liver failure.

Mycotoxins out

What are mycotoxins and why should you be concerned? Mycotoxin literally means "fungus poisons", and are chemicals produced by fungus AND molds as they grow. Even if the mold is dead, the mycotoxins remain and are capable of causing disease and death.

The use of zeolites as mycotoxin binders is not recognized in the United States. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of zeolites as myco-toxin binders is recognized in many other countries. For example, in Europe where zeolite is commonly fed to animals, antibiotics are seldom used. Furthermore, micro-zeolite is an all-natural buffer, which rapidly reduces acidosis and assists in nutrient transport. (The addition of 2 to 5% zeolite in food increases muscle gain, overall wellness and longevity—as demonstrated in many studies available in worldwide research).

More about Zeolites role in Toxin Removal

Initially CandiClear5 will help reduce levels of the most prevalent toxins in the body. This first phase may take four to twelve weeks or longer. Zeolite then removes second-priority toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, and plastics. Zeolite appears to increase the rate of glucuronization in the liver, activating phase II of the glucuronidase function. This in turn supports removal of pesticides, herbicides, and xeno-estrogens from the body, releasing them through the urine. Interestingly, it also appears to neutralize the aflatoxin poison.

Another function of zeolite is to trap pre-virus components, preventing the replication of viruses and their ability to make us sick. In this way, zeolite may play an important role as a broad-spectrum anti-viral. Viruses are produced in parts as on a production line, at the end of which the virus is fully constructed. Zeolite absorbs viral parts into the pores of the micronized zeolite aggregates (not into the chelating-like cages described above). This may explain why zeolite seems to block the development of many viral infections, including herpes virus 1, coxsachie virus B-5, ecco-virus 7, and adeno virus.

Zeolite also is a unique antioxidant. A traditional antioxidant works by absorbing excess free radicals into its system because it has an unpaired electron. In contrast, zeolite traps free radicals within its complex structure, neutralizing and eliminating them. In this way, it acts as a complement to traditional antioxidants. In addition, zeolite buffers the system towards slight alkalinity by establishing pH levels of 7.35 to 7.45, which is the optimum pH for the body. The body's pH level influences both immunity and brain function. An acid blood pH (7.34 or lower) creates a precondition for cancer. In an acid environment, brain cell function can also be impaired, causing depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, or even psychosis.

Zeolite also appears to help balance the immune system, either up- or down-regulating it as needed. Although the precise mechanism for this is not entirely understood, this function is clearly very important in a world in which many people's immune systems are seriously compromised.

Because CandiClear5 so powerfully removes various types of toxins from the body, it naturally increases energy and well-being. Improvements in mental clarity, mood, wellness and happiness are frequently reported. These are what we term positive secondary effects. For example, clearing out "heavy metals" allows the body's magnesium stores to work efficiently with adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the biological source of energy in the body. When this interaction is occurring optimally, people have more energy and experience greater well-being.

Relevant Certifications:

GRAS: (generally regarded as safe) under 21 CFR Part 182.2729, 40 CFR Part 180.1001 Drinking Water Treatment-ANSI/NSF standard 60 Drinking Water-ANSI/NSF standard 61

Dihydroquercetin (DHQ)—The Miracle "Vitamin P"

In 1936, Nobel prize winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, discoverer of Vitamin C, proved that some flavonoids biologically behave like and augment the effects of vitamins. The beneficial effects of these flavonoids were remarkable, and because they included marked increase in capillary strength (reduced capillary permeability) they therefore were named "vitamin P" (from the word "permeability").

DHQ—Leader Of The "Vitamin P" Antioxidants.

Isolated from the wood pulp of Siberian larch growing in environmentally clean areas of the Irkutsk Oblast of the Russian Federation, we believe that our DHQ is the best and purest available. For over 30 years, while it has been extensively used and studied in a broad spectrum of Russian food, nutritional and medicinal applications, it has mostly been ignored on this side of the planet. In fact, we were one of the first to import this amazing nutrient into the US.

Dihydroquercetin or DHQ is a native (i.e., featuring natural structure) and unique bioflavonoid with remarkable P-vitamin activity. Its anti-oxidative effect is stronger than the effect of the well-known vitamins A, C and E with an ORAC hydro value of 21,600+ µM TE/g, 100 times that of other natural antioxidants such as Goji or Acai berry. It is currently the most effective natural anti-oxidant known.

When used in conjunction with other vitamins, DHQprovides frontline protection against the tissue-damaging effects of some toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Each serving of ZeSol carries 7.5 mg of DHQ which constitutes a therapeutic level, according to Russian research.

Different studies show that it has hypocholesterolemic (cholesterol lowering) effects, and also demonstrates anti-inflammatory activities. It works at the level of cell membranes and has versatile medicinal properties. Dihydroquercetin presence in a person's daily menu nutritionally supports prevention of a whole class of illnesses including cardio-vascular, tumor, hereditary, metabolic, and also supports rejuvenating and healing effects. No allergic or toxic reactions to dihydroquercetin have been revealed.

Live Long and Strong

According to antioxidant specialists (including two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling and others), regular, one year long consumption of food products (dry food and drinks) with a preparation of vitamin P properties (dihydroquercetin) added to them (especially together with the vitamin C) at the low proportions of 0.04 to 0.05% per kilogram of food stuff would prolong the life for 20-25 years. (Quite a remarkable claim!)

Broad Spectrum Protection

The range of activities of the dihydroquercetin supports is extensive; it regulates metabolic processes and may be used for comprehensive treatment of diseases; it positively influences functioning of the liver, helps rehabilitation of the drainage function of bronchi and biomechanics of breathing, improves heart health; it has profound effects on capillary strength and blood flow, it may be included in vegetal concentrates intended for prevention and treatment of diabetes, diseases affecting the liver and gall-bladder, gastrointestinal tract, prostate, kidneys and urinary bladder, cardiovascular system; it may be useful in the fight against cancer, AIDs, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory processes of viral and bacteriologic origin, and acquired pathologies.

DNA Protection

Due to its exceptional antioxidant properties, the dihydroquercetin protects the most important cell element—DNA—from metabolic products, and so activates the immune system by reinforcing protective forces of an organism, retards aging processes, prevents various pathologies, and in case of a disease improves its course.

Clinical tests of the dihydroquercetin conducted in the Sechenov Academy, Institute of Eye Microsurgery and other organizations revealed intense biologic activity of the dihydroquercetin and confirmed DHQ's role in anti-oxidative activity, capillary protection, anti-inflammatory activity, liver protection and antihistamine activity.

DHQ and Chelation

Dihydroquercetin and its metabolites prevent oxidation by stabilizing transition metal radicals such as copper and iron, which otherwise generate the powerful hydroxyl radical. In this case it works as the chelator of ions of metals like copper and iron and prevents them from participating as catalysts for this type of free radical generation. The same mode of action applies to other "heavy metals" and their toxins.

Get More From Vitamin C

Because humans do not manufacture vitamin C internally, it must be obtained through dietary sources or supplements. Few people realize, however, that vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that is quickly oxidized and excreted by the body, which limits its efficacy. Until now, those seeking to capture vitamin C's optimal health benefits have had no choice but to consume it several times throughout the day. Fortunately dihydroquercetin functions as a vitamin C "supercharger".

Studies demonstrate that dihydroquercetin acts to inhibit the oxidation of vitamin C, thereby helping to maintain its concentration and to recycle vitamin C throughout the body. This synergistic relationship between dihydroquercetin and vitamin C greatly enhances the efficacy of both molecules in the body's organs and tissues. DHQ also has the ability to perform many other functions of Vitamin C. This important finding means that you can take less vitamin C while it lasts longer and works harder.

Humic/Fulvic Acid: A well kept wellness secret

Humic and Fulvic acids are remarkable nutrient complexes that develop over millennia in humus rich soil and in ancient plant deposits. These well researched substances are all-natural, plant-based and completely organic. Much study has been devoted to their safety and efficacy in a formidable range of healthcare applications.

Humic acid, a complex plant-derived energy rich molecule, provides many nutritional benefits. It's a foundational carbon complex with thousands of negatively charged ion exchange points. Think of it as a train with many cars. These cars are loaded with bio-available minerals and other plant-derived nutrients (and in this case, tiny zeolite particles and DHQ) which are completely available to the cells. Upon reaching the cell, the nutrients in the cars are selected as needed, and then, with numerous negatively charged cars empty, it loads itself with metallic, non-digestible minerals, and other toxins which it takes out to the trash.

Fulvic acid molecules, also derived from plants, are known to condition the cell wall increasing its permeability. This automatically boosts nutrient absorption and cellular hydration. Whenever minerals come into contact with Fulvic acid, in a water medium, they are naturally dissolved into an ionic form. Once the minerals meld into the Fulvic acid complex they become bioactive and bioavailable. Unlike Humic acids, whose molecules are large and complex, Fulvic acid is composed of very small molecules which can access tiny deposits of toxicity that the Humic and Zeolite alone cannot reach.

As a nutrient powerhouse, Humic and Fulvic acid provide powerful phytochemicals, biochemical's, supercharged antioxidants and free radical scavengers such as super oxide dismutase. They contain a broad spectrum of enzymes, minerals and other cofactors that increase oxygen and nutrient uptake and absorption.

Alongside their impressive nutrient profile, Humic and Fulvic acids provide hugely important support in three critical areas, by:

  • Creating an inhospitable environment for viral pathogens
  • Helping to detoxify the body of heavy metals and other poisons
  • Reinforcing the Immune system's antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial activity

Humic/Fulvic Anti-inflammation effects:

A research team, lead by Prof Medlen (publishes as C.E.J. van Rensburg) from the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, found that humates inhibit the binding of inflammatory cells to specific "sticky" molecules on the walls of blood vessels in the vicinity of inflammation.

Another interesting finding by this team was that humates inhibit the release of certain substances by white blood cells that are responsible for the tissue damage seen at the site of inflammation. In this way humates will therefore protect areas of existing inflammation from suffering more serious damage by stopping inflammatory cells from sticking to the nearby blood vessels and depositing toxic substances in tissues already suffering from the effects of previous attacks by these cells.

In CandiClear5 our organic humic/fulvic acid nutrients expand on the benefits of their companion ingredients—delivering positive change in many body systems within 30 days.

Vitamin B6 with P5P:

Human beings cannot live without vitamin B6. It is important for the prevention of cancer and the prevention and treatment of seizures, anemia, mental disorders including schizophrenia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions.

A breakdown of 12 world-wide studies of vitamin B6 and colon cancer (from 2002-2009), as reported in a special edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that vitamin B6 taken in higher doses reduced the risk of colon cancer by more than 20 percent. Dr. Susanna Larsson at Sweden�s National Institute of Environmental Medicine found a reduced risk of colon cancer when people increased their intake of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. Dr. Larsson linked the effect to bloodstream levels of pyridoxal-phosphate (PLP), the main active coenzyme form of vitamin B6. Pyridoxal-phosphate is also known as pyridoxal 5-phosphate or (as referred to above) P5P. (Link at http://www.physorg.com/print187978106.html)

Candida tends to obstruct the Vitamin B6 absorption pathway and thus increased B6 levels in the diet are important to help maintain mental and physical health. This is especially important for people prone to depression or sleep difficulty. Conversely higher levels of B6 in the blood may help the immune system in overcoming the yeast (and other) infections.


Zinc is essential for the working of every single cell in the body. It is primarily a co-enzyme. Without it cellular enzymes cannot function. Almost all enzymes require zinc for their activity. One of these is RNA polymerase which is essential in making new proteins (of which there are more than 50,000). Thus the body's ongoing supply of structural proteins, antibodies, most all hormones and enzymes is very much dependent on your zinc status. Other important zinc-related enzymes govern cellular energy production.

When it comes to fighting disease, zinc is a heavyweight contender. It stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes, the cells in your immune system that are responsible for cleaning up cells that have been invaded by infection. According to medical research, this makes zinc essential in helping to control Candida Albicans.

A 1986 controlled study (Am J Obstet Gynecol 1986 Nov; 155(5):1082-5 ) found that there was a significantly lower level of plasma zinc in women with recurrent vaginal candidiasis. These results suggested that even mild zinc deficiency is associated with recurrent vaginal candidiasis and may play a role in the susceptibility of women to recurrent vaginal candidiasis.

Added zinc is beneficial even if your body's zinc levels are normal, according to experimentation done in India. Researchers there worked with laboratory animals that were not deficient in zinc. When these animals were given high-dose zinc supplements the researchers found that they were significantly more resistant to infection from Candida Albicans than those not supplemented with zinc.

Zinc is also involved with helping to breakdown Candida toxins, and is thus very helpful in relieving symptoms of Candida die-off.

Note: Zinc Picolinate is the naturally chelated form of zinc most readily used in the body. Also zinc and Vitamin B6 together work far more effectively than either alone.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder:

Reported health benefits from Apple Cider Vinegar users are too numerous to list here. They include relief from allergies (including pet, food and environmental), sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, flu, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, gout and candida. Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight.

When it comes to fighting Candida Albicans, Vitamin C with Apple Cider Vinegar (powder in this case) packs more that twice the punch.

Research has shown that vitamin C boosts immunity by keeping disease-fighting white blood cells up and running, so the body is better able to stave off infections, especially opportunistic ones such as candida that take advantage of a weak immune system. As a bonus, Vitamin C and Apple Cider Vinegar adds acidic zip to your vaginal environment, while helping to alkalize the overall system . "Candida-fighting lactobacillus grows in acid environments thus the combination of Vitamin C and Apple Cider Vinegar boosts the good Candida fighting bacteria.

CandiClear5 also includes a proprietary blend of 4600 mg of 9 other ingredients with detoxification, immune boosting, candida killing and anti-inflammatory properties:

The proprietary blend also includes: Vitamin C, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Cinnamon, Barley Grass concentrate 10:1, Broccoli Sprout concentrate, Parsley Concentrate 4:1, Astragalus 5:1, Xylitol, a low glycemic index sweetener that does not feed candida, but actually helps to kill it, and Aulterra powder a natural paramagnetic trace mineral is added to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the blend.

CandiClear5 comes in a 1 1/2 pound container that will last 1 month when taking 3 scoops (20g) a day.


Natural zeolite clinoptilolite: new adjuvant in anticancer therapy J Mol Med (2001) 78:708-720 DOI 0.1007/s001090000176 —K. Pavelic M.D. Ph.D. & M. Colic Ph.D. (2001)

Polyclonal human T-cell activation by(Al) silicate in vitro. Immunology 82: 332-335 —Ueki A, Yamaguchi M, Ueki H, Watanabe Y, Ohsawa G, Kinugawa K, Kawakami Y, Hyodoh F (1994)

Activation-induced cell death in human peripheral blood lymphocytes after stimulation with silicate in vitro. —Int J Oncol 12:1355-1359 Aikoh T, Tomokuni A, Matsukii T, Hyodoh F, Ueki H, Otsuki T, Ueki A

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  • Author: Johnny C
    We bought this to treat candida, I don't know if it has killed candida but no bloating and more energy are the results. Great product, will continue to take it as long as it helps. Thanks.

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